Catch Some Zzzs

I dreaded bedtime when I was younger.  Not only because the word meant the nearing end of my Nick at Nite marathon, but because “bedtime” also meant hours of tossing and turning and staring at the ceiling and trying to count sheep.

Nowadays, I’m luckier and usually fall asleep much more quickly.  There are those occasional nights, however, where my body oozes with sleepiness, yet my mind is off to the races and playfully mocks my tired limbs.

Enter: classical music. Studies have shown that “music can reduce sympathetic nervous system activity, decrease anxiety, blood pressure, heart and respiratory rate and may have positive effects on sleep via muscle relaxation and distraction from thoughts”.  Listening to music was shown to be statistically significant both in improving sleep quality and reducing depression in students (while audiobooks lacked such positive effects).

This is a playlist of tried-and-true compilation of classical, soundtrack, and instrumental pieces that help me sleep.  Hopefully they will do the same for you!

1. Casper’s Lullaby (Casper OST), James Horner

2. Gnossienne No. 4, Eric Satie

3. Meet Joe Black (Meet Joe Black OST), Thomas Newman

4. Le Carnaval des Animaux: Aquarium, Camille Saint-Saëns

5. Cello Suite No. 1, 1. Prelude, Bach

6. Main Title (The Notebook OST), Aaron Zigman

7. Prelude in D-flat Major, Op. 11, No. 15, Scriabin

8. Goldberg Variations, Aria, Bach

9. The Seasons, October: Song of Autumn, Tchaikovsky

10. Walkaway (Meet Joe Black OST), Thomas Newman

11. Lionel and Bertie (King’s Speech OST), Alexandre Desplat

Sweet dreams all!



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