Five Things: Music Crushes

Because it’s perfectly ok to be infatuated with someone you’ve never met.  Right?

1.) Kristian Matsson :: 

Swedish. Performs under stage name “Tallest Man on Earth”.  Is not very tall.  Amazing lyricist.

2.) Mychal Cohen ::

Piano/vocals/guitar with Campfire OK.  From Seattle. Vaguely resembles Ryan Gosling and looks adorable in glasses.

3.) John Paul White ::

The male half of The Civil Wars.  From Tennessee.  Not-so-vaguely resembles Johnny Depp. Would probably also look adorable in glasses.

4.) Songs for the Day ::

Not a musician (that I know of!) but a music blogger.  Posts daily and has introduced me to so much great music (i.e. Campfire OK, see above).  Check him out!

5.) Israel Nebeker ::

Vocals/guitar with Blind Pilot.  From Portland.  Might be (slash definitely is) the embodiment of my ideal man.

Other suggestions are very welcome…I guess I wouldn’t mind researching other crush-worthy musicians (for the sake of the blog, of course).


4 thoughts on “Five Things: Music Crushes

  1. Well this is certainly flattering and fun. Glad you like what I post so much (especially Campfire OK. They are on the cusp of big things, I think). And I’m for sure not a musician- I’m deaf in one ear, completely tone deaf and lacked the patience to learn any instrument in school. Take care. -Adam

    • For someone who’s tone deaf, you sure have a great ear for music! I always look forward to your posts – it’s great to discover new music while I’m at work. Thanks for doing what you do! Meaghan

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